Talking Picture no. 25: Charlie Sutton — Daniel Meadows

This Thursday I will be releasing the fourth book in the series of eight stories by Daniel Meadows Weldone Boiler Fluers 1976-1977. These eight are from the larger series of 40 that Daniel is releasing weekly until summer, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Free Photographic Omnibus; each a small part of his archive, held at the Library of Birmingham.
Charlie Sutton.


Author: craigatkinsonstudio

UK based photographer, publisher (Café Royal Books), lecturer (UCLan), visiting lecturer (lots), and dad (x2). Generally concerned with street photography and places, usually Brutalist. Founded Café Royal Books in 2005. Publishes weekly titles focusing broadly on aspects of change, usually social documentary, in the UK, and between 1970 — 2000. Work collected by MoMA, Tate, V&A and many other international public, private and educational libraries, galleries and museums.

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